Group Webinars

Managing communications with students, both in-person and virtually, can be challenging for higher education professionals, especially when students are still learning to self-advocate, take ownership of their choices and move forward academically and personally in the face of new and challenging situations.

Our private webinars are designed to provide basic information to your team on a number of key topics with options to customize the content that meets the needs of your institution. We will explore how to enhance your effectiveness with students using coaching techniques and appreciative strategies that you can easily integrate in your interactions with students to increase motivation, reframe challenges and instill self-confidence. Coaching skills such as powerful questions, listening actively and cultivating trust and safety are beneficial in supporting students as they traverse the rocky terrain of higher education in today’s world.

All webinars are two hours in length and include handouts, class discussion, breakout groups and a Q&A session.

Fees are based on the size of your team and the level of customization requested.

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