JST Team


Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, MCC, SCAC, BCC

Founder & CEO of JST Coaching & Training / Director of Training

Amy Chapin, B.A.

Executive Assistant

Christina Fabrey, M.Ed., ACAC, PCC, BCC

Director of Higher Education Programs / Interim Director of Mentoring

Christine Grutta, M.A., ACC

Higher Education Trainer

Tiffany Halsell, Ph.D., PCC

DEIB Coordinator /
Higher Education Trainer

Jackie Heemskerk, M.A., B.A.

Training Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

Elgiz Henden, CLC, PCC

Director of Turkish Training

Marianna Henry, ACC

Higher Education Trainer

Liv Hua, M.A., Ph.D., BCC

Instructional Design Consultant

Meghan “MJ” Jaird, M.Ed., ACC

Higher Education Trainer

Jo Ann Skinner, PCC, BCC, ACAC, CMC

Director of Assessments

Kyra Todd, ACC

Enrollment Coordinator

Headshot of Roxanne Turner

Roxanne Turner, PMP, BCC

Assistant Director of Training

Ruth Wilmot, CPCC, PCC

Higher Education Trainer

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