Marianna Henry


Higher Education Trainer

Marianna Henry is a first-generation, bilingual, Polish-American originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She moved to Utah in 2008 for her partner’s career opportunity and has worked in student-facing staff and faculty positions at Utah Valley University for 14 years. Her work in higher ed introduced her to the world of coaching, which also prompted her to found MH Success Coaching, LLC, in 2020. Marianna has a particular interest in partnering with ADHD clients, as well as researching, educating, and training around neurodiversity and neuroequality. Her personal fulfillment comes from helping clients and students discover and develop their strengths, explore and affirm their career paths, and make progress in their academic and personal journeys.

Marianna is an ICF Associate Certified Coach and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, having also received training through JST Coaching & Training. She has served on the Utah Women in Higher Education Network UVU Chapter Board since 2019, most recently as Chapter President, and joined the ICF High Country Chapter Board as President-Elect in 2023. She is also a co-lead for the Neuroequality Impact Team within the statewide Bolder Way Forward initiative, which serves as a vehicle of change for Utah women and girls. Marianna holds a Master of Professional Studies in Social Entrepreneurship, having studied sociology and nonprofit leadership. Her dream is to start an ADHD Collective non-profit of like-minded and trained providers to serve as a one-stop-shop for ADHD support.

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