Liv Hua

M.A., Ph.D., BCC

Instructional Design Consultant

Meet Dr. Liv Hua, instructional design consultant for JST. With an enthusiastic personality and a hands-on, creative style, Liv has over 10 years of experience in pedagogical development. She has supported, designed, and delivered training at the University of Texas El Paso, Texas A&M in Qatar, and the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers in Canada, among others. At JST, she is thrilled to be engaged in continuous improvement efforts from onboarding to lifelong learning for all trainees.

An educational psychology researcher by trade—her work on mentorship gained international recognition from Emerald Publishing. Her publication on the intersection between giftedness and ADHD in college was previously one of the most-read articles in Gifted Education International. Unfortunately, such achievements came at great personal costs. With undermanaged ADHD, scholarly life was a war between achievement and illness. The turning point came when she discovered the power of ADHD coaching, enabling her to work with, rather than against, her unique brain. This revelation ignited her passion for helping others do the same.

Now a certified Life Coach, Liv has studied at the Institute for Life Coach Training, ADD Coach Academy, The International ADHD Coach Training Center and graduated from the JST Coaching Neurodiverse Learners Program. She also holds her Board Certified Coach credential from the Center for Credentialing & Education. Her mission is to remove barriers to achievement, creating a world where all individuals can authentically contribute from their strengths, passions, and values.

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