Heather McKinzey

Assistant Trainer

Heather McKinzey is a certified coach and educator with over 20 years in public and independent education. Her passion and interest for different types of learners led Heather to specialize in ADHD, dyslexia and gifted and talented services. After completing her student and ADHD coach training with JST Coaching & Training, Heather served as the ADHD/Executive Function Coach and Twice Exceptional Coordinator in an independent school in northern Virginia. Utilizing her background as a seasoned educator and her professional coach training, Heather supported students as they worked towards becoming independent learners. She also supported teachers in developing coaching strategies for the classroom. Heather witnessed the positive results of a school-wide program that focused on coaching strategies to support students and teachers. It inspired her to join the JST team to bring the JST coaching model to other educational institutions.

In addition, Heather has her own coaching business, McKinzey ADHD and Executive Function Coaching, where she coaches students, families and adults as they discover their strengths, identify their goals and create action plans to achieve their targeted goals.

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