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A Coach’s Perspective – Starting the New Year with Confidence

Welcome to 2018!

I have spent the holiday weekend pondering what’s ahead for 2018.  As a coach who loves to ask questions, there are many unanswered questions running through my head. Nonetheless, I am jumping into the new year, feet first, with high hopes of landing firmly on the ground.  I know what I want, and, on many levels, I know how to get it, but there is an aura of self-doubt hanging around that did not disappear when the clock struck midnight on Monday, January 1.  So, what is that all about?

In a meeting with my coach last week, it became clear that I get in my own way more often than I like to admit.  The momentary self-doubt, “Is this really the right decision?” or kicking myself in the backside, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” And, a big one, “Who am I to think I can accomplish this or deserve this?”  All that negative self-talk keeps me, and you, from standing tall and stepping into our own greatness in the world.

To become more confident and shed negative, unproductive, self-doubt, we can start by looking in the mirror and trusting ourselves. Have you ever tried it?  Tell yourself the truth, the good truth, about who you are and what you will accomplish, with confidence, resilience and courage.  Yeah, courage is a factor.  We must be courageous as we put on our big girl shoes, as I call it, and step into that greatness waiting right in front of us.

In her article, Use It Or Lose It: The Science Behind Self-Confidence, Margie Warrell opens with a William James quote, “Most people live in a restricted circle of potential.”   We can break out of this circle to access our full potential by building our self-confidence and squashing our self-doubt! 

I am curious…

  • How does your self-doubt overshadow your confidence?
  • What is the impact on your ability to get what you want in your life?
  • What are the limiting beliefs getting in your way?
  • Who will you partner with in 2018 to break out of the restricted circle to live more fully in the future?

I am committed to working on this with my coach in 2018 and invite you to join me.  Find a coach or better yet, become a coach, and transform yourself while supporting others.

Wishing you a confident journey into 2018 and beyond.

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