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How Children and Adults Can Build Executive Functioning Skills

The internet is fraught with information on EF, ADHD, learning disabilities and related disorders.  Choosing where to find reliable data can be difficult, but thankfully there are an increasing number of websites to browse.  I decided to subscribe to the newsletter from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University and I’ve found that it’s an excellent resource.  Last month, the featured sections on EF were clear, concise and valuable.  They also developed a great video that helps explain more about EF skills and how both children and adults can build their skillset.  How Children and Adults Can Build Core Capabilities for Life.

Take a moment to think about where you would be today if you didn’t have working EF skills?  Ask yourself which of your skills is not as well-developed as the others? Are you struggling with chronic disorganization, poor time management skills or difficulty staying on task after a robust start?  If yes, you are not alone and can likely relate to the struggles of children and adolescents with lagging EF skills.  What works well for you? What helps you to manage your EF issues and move forward? We would love feedback on your experiences to share with our younger clients and our coach trainees.  We all learn from one another and look forward to learning from you.

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