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Love and Appreciation Beyond Valentine’s Day Gestures

While Valentine’s Day is widely regarded as a special occasion to celebrate love, I am not a huge fan of this tradition. I think that expressing love and kindness should be a daily practice. What troubles me is the commercialization of Valentine’s Day where expectations often pressure people to spend money on gifts and grand gestures, creating unnecessary financial strain.

It is important to remember that love is best expressed through meaningful, thoughtful actions and words that create connections and go beyond the confines of one day in February.

For individuals struggling with self-confidence and low self-esteem, demonstrating regular displays of affection contribute to a positive self-image. Carol King’s co-written song, Will You Love Me Tomorrow? reflects the uncertainties and insecurities that both children and adults may grapple with at times.

Demonstrating a consistent display of love and kindness to others serves as a positive example, influencing the behavior of children from a young age and fostering our relationships as adults. Encourage your kids to reflect on their accomplishments by asking them how they feel about them. When you offer praise, use specific “YOU” messages like, “I appreciate how kind you were when you helped Grandma with her groceries today. That was very thoughtful/loving of you. She appreciates it too.” Let your family and friends know that you care. Don’t assume that they know it. Show it!

Sending love to you today and every day,

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