Coaching Tips

Summer Coaching

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere. During this time, most students are out of school or taking a break before starting summer classes. When I talk with grads, they share that their students don’t feel the need for coaching because they don’t have any schoolwork. The students go off with the promise to resume coaching when classes start up again.

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep students and families engaged in coaching over the summer months. This applies to coaches in the southern hemisphere when summer arrives in December.

  • Ask your students what they want to accomplish over the summer. Anything from reading, learning to play a musical instrument or finding time to hang out with friends. Coaching can support all of these endeavors and MORE.
  • For rising first-year college students, what do they need to do to prepare to launch?
  • Parents of neurodivergent students often struggle to provide a routine and structure. Offer your coaching services to support them.
  • Create short webinars and workshops on neurodiversity, executive functioning and coaching to share with your network. You can charge a fee or simply use these as tools to market your business for late August into the fall.
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