The Role of Chronos and Kairos in Launching Your Coaching Business

In the tapestry of ADHD, time often weaves itself in peculiar patterns. The ancient Greeks had two words for time: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is the structured, sequential time—the ticking clock that paces our daily lives. Kairos, on the other hand, is the subjective, internal experience of time—a moment of undetermined length in which everything happens.

For those with ADHD, Chronos can be a relentless foe. This is where ‘time blindness’ comes into play—an ADHD-related challenge where the individual struggles to manage time effectively, often underestimating or overestimating the amount of time tasks will take. It is a dance with Chronos that seems out of sync, with the outer world moving at a pace that feels unfamiliar.

Kairos, however, is where the ADHD mind thrives. It is the flow state, the hyperfocus, the deep dive into creativity and innovation. It’s where time doesn’t tick but unfolds, allowing for a profound engagement with tasks that ignite passion and interest.

When launching a coaching business, this dichotomy plays out vividly. Chronos demands a plan, a structure, deadlines—a linear path to success. It’s easy to look at others and feel the hesitation, the fear of not keeping up, the daunting task of aligning your Kairos-driven passion with the Chronos-driven business world.

Yet, embracing your Kairos is the key to overcoming these fears. Your unique perception of time allows for bursts of extraordinary creativity, insights, and connections that can set your coaching business apart. It is about riding the waves of your inner time, your Kairos, to make impactful decisions and connections that Chronos cannot foresee.

The comparison with others is a Chronos trap. Your journey is not linear; it’s a spiral, ever-evolving and rich with learning. Each coach has their rhythm, their dance with time, and comparing yourself to others is like comparing the ocean to the sky—both vast and beautiful but in incomparably different ways.

As you align your business with your inherent strength—you create a space where your ADHD is not a deficit but a superpower. Your ability to envision possibilities where others see dead-ends, your genuine connection with clients, and your insatiable curiosity to learn and grow are what will make your business not just sustainable, but remarkable.

As for dealing with the inevitable ebb and flow of ADHD time perception, remember this: At the end of the day, allow yourself to step back, to breathe in the success of the moment, no matter how small. Prepare for yourself a hot drink and savor your day’s accomplishments as sip–no matter how small. In this act, there is power. It is a ritual that honors your hard work, a moment of Kairos in the midst of Chronos, a reminder that you are here, alive, thriving, and ever-progressing on your path.

In this simple pleasure, find your anchor in the tempest of entrepreneurship. It’s not just a drink; it’s a toast to the journey, a pause that acknowledges and respects the complexity of your relationship with time.

So, here’s to you, to your path, and to the Kairos moments waiting to be discovered amidst the tick-tock of Chronos.

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