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Coaching Cats

You may be wondering if this is the same as herding cats. Well it’s not! Cat coaching is a calm, mindful process, unlike herding, that leads to more satisfaction for the coach than the cat. Well, at least that’s what I think, but my cat might not agree. For those of you who are not cat fanciers, please read on. I was a confirmed “dog person” until my husband suggested cats as a less demanding alternative. That was over 35 years ago! We live in the wonderful, dog-friendly city of Alexandria, VA and along with our cats, we enjoy watching neighbors walk their dogs “to and fro” in front of our house. Dogs are great, but I have never coached a dog, only cats.

Back to the subject – coaching cats. Recently I’ve talked about the client being the one to choose coaching. Well, if you know cats, they get to choose whatever they want and when they want it! So, if your cat is sitting still and choosing to listen as you ask powerful questions – which are the core of good coaching – you are all set. Now you may be wondering what questions are best when coaching cats? Here are a few examples to get you started:

  1. What is on your mind right now?
  2. Give choices – Which sweater should I wear today?
  3. Brainstorming – What would be a relaxing activity for us to do today?
  4. Imagine that you were confronted by a dog. What would you do?
  5. What does it mean when you rub your whiskers all over my black pants?
  6. What’s so great about chasing a shoelace?

Got it? Great! Now, here is an example of how to do a bit of cat coaching while you work.

Ready to try this at home? Please send your videos for us to share with our readers and our YouTube subscribers.

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