Sandy Reader



Advocating on behalf of individuals with learning challenges for more than 19 years, Sandy Reader is an Executive Function and ADHD coach who is an ICF Professional Certified Coach. When her son was diagnosed with a learning disability at the age of two, Sandy became immersed in the world of neurodiversity. As her son grew and developed, she participated in his programs as a parent and support specialist in the classroom. Sandy became increasingly inspired by the impact these services were having on her son and other neurodivergent students.

In 2012, Sandy joined the Santa Clara Unified School District’s (SCUSD) behavior support team, where she gained invaluable experience creating and implementing behavior intervention plans, collaborating with school specialists, and supporting skill acquisition in the areas of executive functioning and social skills. Using her classroom experience, she worked closely with behavior analysts to educate and train SCUSD paraeducators.

In 2016, Sandy began privately coaching students with various learning challenges to support their executive functioning development. Sandy has always believed these skills are as essential as learning math, reading and writing. Shortly thereafter, she participated in JST’s Empowering Students through Coaching program to enhance her coaching skills. In the years since, Sandy has continued her education, bringing new dimensions to her coaching and allowing her to better support clients.

Sandy has been inspired many times over by her clients. They continue to teach her empathy, resiliency, compassion and patience, helping her continued growth as a person and coach. She is excited to continue serving those who need support by guiding new ADHD coaches to find their coaching voice.

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