Jade Enrique



Dr. Enrique is a school psychologist, psychologist supervisor, coach trainer, professional ADHD coach, and certified life coach who holds graduate degrees in Education, Psychology, and Therapy. She also has a diagnosis of ADHD.

She maintains a small private coaching practice known as Bright Balance, LLC (brightbalancecoaching.com) where she primarily offers life, academic, career, and ADHD coaching for teens, young adults, and professionals in education. She utilizes a strengths-based, multi-disciplinary, and multicultural approach to coaching.

Dr. Enrique finds fulfillment in contributing and utilizing her varied theoretical backgrounds to assist in helping to change outcomes for underserved clients and communities. She believes that coaching is one method of ensuring that individuals are at the helm of receiving the support/accountability they may need so they can continually be encouraged to strive for their goals; improve performance; resolve deficits; and build/restore confidence.

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